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Java on MacOS

As you know, I’m extremely unhappy about the fact that Apple didn’t deign to finally provide us with a Mac version of Java 6 when they released Leopard. I’m so upset that I’m postponing to buy Leopard until they finally get their act together.

This is why I’m really happy about the fact that someone ported the FreeBSD version of OpenJDK, Sun’s recently open-sourced version of Java 6, to the Mac.  I’ve downloaded the Tiger version, and it even appears faster than the Apple Java developer preview that came out a year ago: Utool enumerates solved forms about 15% faster than before. :) This may just be due to a different JIT compilation strategy, but it’s still hella cool, and it’s even cooler that one guy ported this all in his spare time. The one big drawback is that the OpenJDK is limited to displaying Swing windows in X11, which looks just terrible after you’ve gotten used to Aqua Swing. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until we break free of Apple’s tyranny and can finally get new versions of Java as early as everyone else!


Internet in Edinburgh

I am currently sitting at my gate at Edinburgh airport, waiting for my flight to depart. This airport is pretty nifty in that it provides rather comfortable numbers of electricity outlets, and it is also covered by BT Openzone Wi-Fi access points, which I just discovered I can use for unlimited amounts of time thanks to my BT broadband contract. So I’m now sitting next to the cafe writing blog posts on my laptop. I am so teh geek jet-set.

In other news, I am annoyed at Apple for making it currently impossible to run Java 1.6 on Leopard: Not only did they not release a final version with the new OS version (as many had anticipated), the clunky old beta version of 1.6 doesn’t run on Leopard any more either. This is a total show-stopper for me, and I’ll delay upgrading until they get their act together. (I mean, come on, Java 1.6 has been out for all other major OSs for almost a year now.) I just hope this will be soon, because some of the new features (particularly Time Machine and Spaces) do look pretty sweet, and with the new Finder I will finally be able to get rid of my old version of Yep that has been getting increasingly slow.


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