I started this blog while spending one year in New York, and there was so much stuff happening that I wanted to share with people. Rather than sending emails to everybody who might possibly find this interesting, I thought it might make sense to just give blogs another try.

Halfway through my stay in New York, work caught up with me, my social life became somewhat more repetitive (how many stories about Barbershop singing do you really want to hear?), and I had less time to post on the blog. That’s why my posts became so rare from a certain point on. Now that I’m in Edinburgh, it’s even worse. So the blog has become more like an archive. One thing it definitely isn’t, though, is one of these blogs with little scientific ideas and opinions that have been springing up all over the scientific community. This thing is almost exclusively about things that I do outside of work.

The blog title, “anycase”, of course expands to the mysterious “The Case of Alexander in New York”. *ahem* To tell the truth, I just couldn’t resist using something with “any” in it, because it abbreviates something meaningful with a real word, and all the other words starting in “any” were already taken. I toyed with “albany” (“An L’s Blog: Alexander in New York”) for a while, and was even going to hold a contest to figure out what the “L” should mean. It would have been beautifully recursive, as Albany is of course also the capital of New York state. But this username exists but doesn’t even run a blog. So “anycase” it is.


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